Kill Ritual US Tour Cancelled!

The Kill Ritual US Tour has been cancelled due to the serious injury of our new guitarist Mehl’s left arm that makes it impossible for him to make a fist let alone play any form of guitar. Mehl will be in a cast for 3 weeks with 2-3 weeks of physical therapy after that putting us well past the start date of the tour. He’s done everything possible to make the recovery in time, but it’s not going to happen. Kill Ritual is a 2 guitar band and we don’t feel comfortable presenting our music without the aural assault a 2 guitar attacks brings. We tried to find a last minute replacement to no avail. We tried to make it work in rehearsals with one guitar and it didn’t. The band feels like shit about this and we apologize to our booking company Metal Thunder Entertainment/Scott Clute, all the venues and promoter, other support bands, our management Rock N Growl, our label Scarlet Records and last but definitely not least the people that planned on attending the shows for the cancellation. Shit definitely does happen…..