Bassist and Drummer for upcoming Tour Announced

For the last few months you’ve watched us shuffle around getting ready for this tour. You’ve seen members leave because they can’t commit to touring, others jump in to help us with gigs we had committed to…. to now.

After searching long and hard for the right people to do this tour, we’re one step closer to what we have been searching so very hard for….

Let me start by saying this… Touring isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of commitment and a lot of time and money. Unless you’re Black Sabbath or Metallica you can’t just hand a Million Dollar check over to a new member and welcome them aboard. As most touring musicians that are trying to establish a name for themselves know, it’s finding people that are committed enough to leave their day jobs, with enough foresight to somehow know that there are bigger and better things for them. It’s a hard sell and not many are willing to make that commitment. You really need to be a dreamer, a realist, and motivated as all hell.

That brings me to this….

We’d like you to welcome Bassist and Drummer for our 2016 Spring Tour. It will be fun working with them for this tour until we find permanent members for our next album.

Beauty In The Suffering producer DieTrich Thrall (ex-Doyle, Marazene) on bass.
Alexis Von Kraven  (Moxy, Heaven’s Fire) on Drums.

Steven D. Rice – Lead Guitar, David Reed Watson – Vox
and Byron Nemeth – Lead Guitar.

stevenrice davidreedwatson byronnemeth

We’re looking forward to touring with these guys. With over 7,000 miles of traveling, 20 cities in 26 days we will get to know each other pretty well. Please follow our tour schedule here on a group that we’ve made on Facebook

The Karma Machine North American Tour

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