KR Update (June 12, 2018)

Hey gang,
We’ve got a lot coming up here for the fall. We can’t let the cat out of the bag as of yet but we want to include you all so, if we could get you guys and gals to do a few things for us…
1. Private Message David pictures of one or more of us from a previous tour. Let us know your name and where and when you saw us.
2. PM David pictures of you with your Kill Ritual TShirt and/or CD and if you got them via a tour let us know the same info… where and when you saw us and your name.
3. We will be looking for more admins to manage our social media preferably those that know WordPress. Gin is great with the Facebook and Instagram so I want to give her a big shout out but we’re spreading her pretty thin so we want to get a few people to help her out.
4. We will be setting up our Kill Ritual Merch account this week. If you don’t have your 2018 North American Tour TShirts get them soon.
David Reed Watson, Steven D. Rice, Seamus Gleason, Chris Lotesto & Jim Pegram

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