Please welcome our new Bass Player

Ladies and Gents, Kill Ritual fans near and far…

We would like to introduce you to Alexandre Santos who will be playing Bass for Kill Ritual,
both touring and helping write their next album, The Opaque and the Divine.

We will be throwing him right in the fire for his first show with us in Las Vegas for
Kiss Night at Count’s Vamp’d, October 20th.

Alex is best known for his work and composition with the Portuguese melodic rock/metal band
Scar For Life (2008–present) and for his collaboration with other established heavy rock musicians
in the bands D.N.A. (2013) and Stagma (2018–present). If you recall, David (KR Vox)
and Alex collaborated with Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper), Neil Fraser (Ten, Rage of Angels, Stagma),
Mikael Carlsson (Lover Under Cover), as well as João Colaço (Rage of Angels, Scar For Life) creating D.N.A..

Speaking with David he has mentioned how excited he is to work with Alex again.

“Alex and I are like brothers. We argue, we laugh, and we create magic together.
I’ve been long looking forward to working with him again.
He will be an incredible asset to this band.
He is also one of the best songwriters I know.” – David Reed Watson

Alex also established his own recording and production facility, PressPlay Music, in 2008
for which he has mixed and produced several albums.

Make sure you check out Alex’s website if you would like to delve further into who this incredible talent is.

Alex Santos Music

Thank you to everybody that submitted videos, audio, phone conversations, and emails back and forth.
With all of the many variables entailed It was a difficult situation pinning down the right guy for this job.
So, again… thank you for your efforts and support. – Steve, David, Seamus, and Alex






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